Allen Wayside Furniture supporting Wheels 4 Chase Home Campaign

After Thanksgiving, ConvenientMD Urgent Care helped launch an online campaign to purchase a van for Chase Home to transport their kids—a campaign that has recently attracted the attention and support from Allen Wayside Furniture.

Allen Wayside Furniture’s Doug Abrams on the left with Chase Home’s Meme Wheeler

Through Christmas Eve, anyone willing to donate $10 on their purchase of $500 or more at Allen Wayside Furniture will receive a $50 discount toward that purchase. Through Jan 15, anyone willing to donate $50 will receive a $200 discount toward their purchase of any Stressless recliner, office chair or sofa.

“Chase Home is a fantastic organization that supports a great cause,” said CEO Doug Abrams. “Many of the other organizations that we support happen to be larger organizations that receive support from all over—and as great as it feels to donate to or support a cause, it feels even better knowing that your support is directly benefiting those in need within your own community.”

Currently, Chase Home is approximately 60% toward its fundraising goal of $20,000. Founded in 1877, Chase Home meets the needs of youth and families in active crisis through residential and community-based services with an emerging emphasis on prevention and early-intervention.

“We are thrilled and humbled at the support from the local community,” said Chase Home Executive Meme Wheeler. “This year has been challenging with both our primary vehicles going down at the same time. We cannot thank Allen Wayside Furniture enough for joining this campaign.”

She also expressed gratitude to ConvenientMD Urgent Care for launching what has become known as “Wheels 4 Chase Home.”

“We value our partnership with Convenient MD,” she said. “We are so grateful they helped us kick this whole thing off.”

The Wheels 4 Chase Home campaign follows a successful prior campaign in which it received $26,000 from the Exeter Area New Car Dealers Association.

“We are just amazed at the support we have received this year,” added Wheeler. “This helps us achieve our mission, which is to meet the needs of youth and families in crisis. Reliable transportation is a critical piece to that.”

To contribute to “Wheels 4 Chase Home,” visit

Allen Wayside Furniture supporting Wheels 4 Chase Home Campaign

ConvenientMD Urgent Care kickstarts Wheels 4 Chase Home Campaign

ConvenientMD’s Ali Beauregard on left and Ben Collins on the right with Chase Home’s Meme Wheeler.

From now through February of 2018, The Chase Home for Children will host an online campaign, sponsored by ConvenientMD Urgent Care, to purchase a new van to transport kids. Working with kids and families in active crisis, Chase Home serves the entire state of NH.

“We work with dozens of kids at any given time, so it is essential we have transportation in good working order,” said Chase Home Executive Director Meme Wheeler. “We have been concerned for the past year and a half about transportation—and it all came to a head this summer.”

For ConvenientMD Urgent Care Executive Director Ben Collins, the chance to lead a campaign that will rely on community support reflects their belief in Chase Home.

“We are proud to be involved in the campaign and lead this community initiative to support a well-deserving nonprofit with deep roots in this area,” he noted.

Expressing gratitude at the “incredible support” shown by ConvenientMD Urgent Care, Wheeler said a successful “Wheels” campaign will bolster the agency’s infrastructure for years.

“Dependable transportation is critical to our operation,” she said. “We transport kids across the state to and from Chase Home. A new van will enhance safety, provide predictability in future expenses, and strengthen our overall operations.”

The Wheels 4 Chase Home campaign follows on the heels of a $26,000 donation from the Exeter Area New Car Dealers Association, which covered most of the costs associated with the purchase of another vehicle. According to Wheeler, 2017 has been challenging due to the deteriorating condition of both of the agency’s primary modes of transportation.

“It’s bad timing to have both vehicles go, but we believe community support can help fill in some of our gaps,” she said. “The Exeter Area New Car Dealers Association was amazing when it came to our first van, and then ConvenientMD came to us to assist us with the second van. We are so grateful.”

To contribute to “Wheels 4 Chase Home,” visit

ConvenientMD Urgent Care kickstarts Wheels 4 Chase Home Campaign

Hannaford partners with Chase Home

During the month of December, every Hannaford Helps Bag sold at the Hannaford store at 800 Islington Street, Portsmouth NH will generate a $1 donation to support
The Chase Home for Children.


Hannaford Helps bags with the “Good Karma” message can be found on the reusable bag rack and at various registers. If you have any questions, or for more information, please contact: Morgan Palmer, Hannaford Program Director, at 603.380.7309 or

Visit the Hannaford Cause Bag program website

 Founded in 1877, Chase Home meets the needs of youth and families in active crisis.

“We are so grateful for this program and the opportunity to continue to raise awareness of our ongoing need for support,” said Chase Home Executive Director Meme Wheeler. “We cannot thank Hannaford enough.”

To learn more about Chase Home, visit

Hannaford partners with Chase Home

Chase Home saved my life

“Chase Home saved my life” is what a youth resident wrote to us recently. This resident continued:
“Chase Home has helped me cope with all the feelings I have. I have feelings of sadness and anger and sometimes I feel tired and anxious. At first, I didn’t know how to deal with my feelings, I would yell and cry and punch a wall until my hands started bleeding. I still have those times but they don’t happen like they used to. I can tell that people care about me here. They took me school shopping, helped me save money for my Jordans, take me out to lunch when I’m doing well. Staff is great, even though they are strict with me. They always keep me safe and happy.

Chase Home is always respectful to me and everyone, even when we aren’t so nice to them. They show me how I should act in a stressful situation with their actions. Sometimes I think about how hard it is to be a staff and I try to be better. Sometimes I see another resident being disrespectful and I get defensive of staff, because I know they are trying to help us. Even if they take away my phone sometimes.

ConvenientMD’s Ali on left and Ben on the right with our own Meme Wheeler.

If I wasn’t in Chase Home, I don’t think I would have everything I have today–like nice shoes and clothes, coping skills, a job, and people around me who are good role models. Even though I don’t like to show it, I think everyone knows how much Chase Home means to me and how much they have helped me.

Thank you Chase Home!”

Currently, we have one more major fundraising push for this year–a van to transport youth like this one. ConvenientMD Urgent Care has joined us to galvanize the community as we look to purchase a van that will transport kids for years and years to come.

Click and help us get some wheels so we can continue our work in the community. Thank you!

Chase Home saved my life

Newburyport Five Cents Charitable Foundation reinvests in Chase Home

In support of some of the Seacoast’s most vulnerable youth, Newburyport Five Cents Charitable Foundation recently contributed $5,000 to support Chase Home’s Seacoast Community Diversion Program (SCDP). Developed in collaboration with numerous community partners, SCDP provides youth who have committed minor offenses with an alternative to arrest or incarceration.

Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank’s Janice Morse, President and CEO (l), and Timothy Felter, CFO & Treasurer (r) with Chase Home Executive Director Meme Wheeler (c).

According to Chase Home Executive Director Meme Wheeler, delinquency in youth is often the precursor to—and consequence of—more serious problems.

“Drug and alcohol misuse, domestic violence, mental illness, sexual abuse and trafficking—these are the sorts of things we are up against,” she said. “With proper support, many of these youth can lead productive and happy lives, but we need to get to them sooner rather than later.”

President and CEO of Newburyport Five Cents Saving Bank, Janice C. Morse said their continued partnership with Chase Home is very important.

“We understand the complex needs within our community and look for ways to do our part to help,” she said. “We believe this contribution will improve the quality of life for some of our most vulnerable youth.”

To graduate from the program, youth must complete some variation of the following based on specific individual needs: Five sessions of a therapeutic group (anger management/social skills); one session of substance abuse counseling; two joint sessions with parents; two weeks of adventure-based learning experiences; one capstone adventure opportunity with parents; and one personal goal achievement.

“There is so much that goes into the program, but if we make the investment now in these kids, we save the community substantially more money in the future,” added Wheeler. “The financial support from Newburyport Five Cents Charitable Foundation will have a direct impact in the lives of youth who really need our help.”

Founded in 1877, Chase Home is dedicated to providing supportive and restorative residential and family service to at-risk youth in a safe and nurturing environment. To learn more about Chase Home or its Wheels 4 Chase Home campaign, visit

Newburyport Five Cents Charitable Foundation reinvests in Chase Home

Chase Home selected for Hannaford Cause Bag program

Chase Home has been selected as the December recipient for Hannaford’s Cause bag program.

During this month when a shopper purchases “Helps” reusable bag at the Hannaford store, located at 800 Islington Street in Portsmouth, Chase Home will receive a $1 donation.

The Hannaford Helps reusable bag focuses on local causes in the areas of education, civic, and health and wellness.

“We are honored to be selected and thank Hannaford and the community for their support,” said Chase Home Executive Director Meme Wheeler.

To learn more about Chase Home, its Wheels 4 Chase Home campaign, or to offer support, visit

Chase Home selected for Hannaford Cause Bag program

Record turnout for Chase Home Fundraiser

On Tuesday, November 14, more than 140 people attended Chase Home’s 4th Annual Wine, Appetizer & Chocolate Tasting at Tuscan Kitchen in Portsmouth with more than $25,000 raised to benefit services for at-risk youth.

Expressing “amazement” at the money raised from the event, which was sponsored by The Provident Bank, Chase Home Executive Director Meme Wheeler said she is equally enthused at the “new faces” in attendance.

“We had a number of people here who just heard about the event and our cause and wanted to get involved,” she said. “It was really incredible to see—and Tuscan Kitchen was an incredible host who contributed to the event, too. This as a wonderful group effort.”

For the event sponsors at The Provident Bank, contributing to Chase Home’s mission makes sense.

“I am honored to support this incredible event that not only brings awareness to the surrounding communities, but also gives children and families hope for a brighter future,” said Josephine Yeo, assistant vice president and business development officer.

Relationship Officer at The Provident Bank, Kelly Goodwin added, “I strongly believe in supporting the Chase Home because of its mission to help at-risk youth and their families in our surrounding communities. It is so important to help an organization that works hard to help these young people get back on track and lead meaningful lives.”

Founded in 1877 as an orphanage, Chase Home has evolved through the years to meet needs in the community related to at-risk children and youth. Providing a home for some while working with others in the community to prevent placement, Chase Home provides evidence-based treatment and support to families in crisis.

According to Jennifer Desrosiers, who serves on Chase Home’s Board of Directors, the event underscores critical needs.

“There are gaps in funding every year that we must fill,” she said. “Our hope is to continue to build a vibrant and supportive community around Chase Home so we can continue to meet complex needs.’

Mike LaLime, who serves with Desrosiers, said the generosity shown by individuals and businesses “significantly affects [their] bottom line.”

“There are more kids who need our services than we can work with on any given day,” he said. “With strong fundraising and best business practices, Chase Home can do more for our community. It’s happening.”

Since its first year in 2014, the annual fundraiser for Chase Home has grown from netting the agency $2,000 to this year’s total of more than $25,000.

“It is hard to put into words how important this event is to our agency,” said Wheeler. “It is now our job to work smart and effectively so we can change the lives of kids in crisis.”

To learn more about Chase Home, its Wheels 4 Chase Home campaign, or to offer support, visit

Record turnout for Chase Home Fundraiser